Courses for clinicians working in the Emergency Department setting.

Registrar Transition Course: There will be 4 modules, we introduce the principles of Emergency Medicine (EM), the undifferentiated patient and the ABCDE system. The ABCDE system is broken down into its parts and covered in detail, demonstrating the required skills to perform it successfully. 

There is a : The first Module has a Pre-course quiz; 11 presentations; and a post-course quiz, to begin with and then we want to go through the remaining groups of presentations. Your supervisors will be able to track your progress and assist where required'

Approximate duration: Module 1  8hrs 

                                         Module 2  8 hrs

                                         Module 3  4 hrs

                                         Module 4  4 hrs

One small step in your medical career but a great cognitive leap in your mind. We all recall our first registrar shifts, particularly those "alone". This course is about preparing you to cope and use the knowledge we know you already have. Applying that knowledge sometimes takes a few prompts.

The Emergency Medicine Fundamentals course (EMF) - previously know as the Emergency Medicine Integrated Induction Course (EMIIC) - will assist you in your day to day work in the ED and enhance your enjoyment and understanding of the underlying concepts of patient management which drive modern Emergency Medicine.

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